Library Director

Sonora R. Miller

Sonora has worked in libraries for a ridiculous amount of time. Her favorite books to read aloud are the Pigeon books by Mo Willems and The Book with No Pictures by B.J. Novak.

Library Clerks

Chris S.

What are Chris's favorite books? You'll have to ask her!

Mike B.

An avid fantasy reader, Mike counts Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman among his favorite authors. When not in the stacks, you might find him on the Niagara River in a kayak, or cooking duck confit in the kitchen.

Lois K.

As a child, Lois remembers trips to the library on the East Side of Buffalo. She still remembers her favorite book, A Nickel for Alice, and the lovely little library on Fillmore Avenue.
As an adult, her favorite reads are historical fiction, New York by Edward Rutherford being at the top of the list. Some of her favorite authors are Ken Follett, Marie Benedict, Jeffrey Archer, and Sandra Brown, amongst many others.

Megan S.

What are Megan's favorite books? You'll have to ask her!

Why can't you run a Library with volunteers?

This is question we encounter frequently from well-meaning stakeholders who are seeking a solution to the Library's financial situation.

While the Youngstown Free Library was started by volunteers and run entirely by volunteers for many years, we live in a different and more complicated world now.

Over the past thirty years, libraries have changed. Everything in our records has gone digital, including all the cataloging and searching information. Everything we do, from cataloging new books to teaching patrons how to use their computers, has increased in skill level.

The complexity of digital cataloging, patron privacy, and the myriad details key to keeping 22,000 books organized -- for all these reasons, well-trained and tech-comfortable staff are key to making a Library run smoothly.

Even with staff members at its backbone, the Library still needs help from volunteers! We welcome volunteers to help with cleaning the building, mending books, organizing crafts for children, running programs for adults and families, setting up Storywalks in the local park, and fundraising for the Library.