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Transparency is a key aspect of our strategic plan; we are open with our budget, meeting reports, and documents.

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What is the difference between the Board and the Friends?

The Youngstown Free Library Board of Trustees and the Friends work closely together to support the Library's goals of educating, enlightening, and entertaining community members. Through the coordinated efforts of both groups, the Library can provide up-to-date, quality services that contribute vitality and focus to the life of all the residents.

The Board of Trustees has the legal responsibility of administering and maintaining the financial aspects of the Library, which is an association Library and incorporated 501(c)(3). These 9-13 board members meet monthly with the Library Director and any interested members of the public. From the budget to grant applications, sustainability initiatives to strategic plan implementation, Library Board members are kept busy year-round in their much-valued volunteer roles.

The Friends of the Youngstown Free Library is an incorporated separate 501(c)(3) that works diligently to fill the funding gap between what the Library needs to operate effectively and what is received from local and county governments. Each fall, these dedicated volunteers coordinate the Library's Annual Fund Drive, upon which the Library depends for over 10% of its operating budget.

The Friends also conduct the Membership Campaign at the beginning of each year. The campaign's proceeds are used to supplement many extras not possible through the Library budget. For example, magazine subscriptions and audiobook collections have been expanded thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the Library. Programs like the Library's Annual Summer Reading Program for children and families are sponsored by the Friends of the Library.